Thursday, March 17, 2016

HubMob Weekly Topic: Diets and Weight Loss

Hello everyone, we are off to start a new week and for the second time this month the HubMob topic will be mirroring the Helpful Health Hubs contest and we are going to be writing about Diets and Weight Loss.

First of all a big thank you to all the Hubbers who contributed to last week's topic Natural and Alternative Health. We managed a total of 102 Hubs. Some of those hubs were HubMob hubs only, while others were both HubMob and Contest hubs.

The important thing to remember this week is that if your hub is ONLY a HubMob hub, you just need to follow the instructions like any other week. But, if you qualify for the contest and want to enter your hub in the HubMob you should follow the usual procedure for joining the HubMob which means starting your hub from my answer the request link, making sure that you publish your hub on the selected contest sub-topic for that day. Any Hub that is in the right sub-subtopic, and is eligible (word count, original content, time of first publication, etc.) should be set for the contest automatically.

The Subtopics for this week are:

Weight Loss

Healthy Diets

Choosing a Diet

Low-Fat Diets or Low-Carb Diets

Vegetarianism or Veganism

Children's Diets

Weight Loss Tips & Advice

To join this week's HubMob please follow the steps below like any other week:

1. YOU MUST START YOUR HUB CLICKING THIS LINK. Choose the Answer the Request green button. Choose the MAKE A HUB ABOUT IT option.

2. Choose a relevant title for your Hub to get a good ranking in the search engines.

3. If necessary change the category on your hub to best suit your topic.

4. Include the HubMob RSS Feed in your hub: ew&rss For more information on how to add the RSS feed to your hub you can click here

5. Add the HubMob graphic below to your hub so that everyone who reads it will know that it is part of the official HubMob topic of the week.

6. After you publish your HubMob Hub, come back to the forum and post a link to your hub with a brief description of what you wrote about and why. Take advantage of the free publicity!

If you are still not sure about what is a HubMob and the benefits of taking part in one I created this guide o-join-one please feel free to come up with any questions if you have any doubts left.

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